2004 – Web and Downloadable Games White Paper

Web and Downloadable Games White Paper

Presented at the Game Developers Conference 2004
by the IGDA Online Games SIG


“The concept of downloadable games is nothing new. Small free games have been available for
download for many years. As a revenue-producing section of the industry though, Web and
Downloadable games have come into their own over the past couple years. One of the places this is most apparent is at the annual Game Developers Conference, held in March in California. When our group was forming in 2000 and 2001, few people seemed to understand what web/downloadable titles were about.
At GDC 2002 more people understood the market, and from the buzz you could start to see that this might become a significant portion of the game industry. At GDC 2003, Web and Downloadable games had a bit of a coming out party. There were numerous sessions devoted to the format, lots of developers creating these titles, and quite a few successful companies making the rest of the industry take notice.(…)

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